What Will Nintendo Do to Top Pokemon Go?

What Will Nintendo Do to Top Pokemon Go?

There is no news regarding what Nintendo should do in order to top out Pokemon Go, other than deserving the credit and their shares going down after revealing that they did not really develop the game.

When Pokemon Go was released to the public, Nintendo turned out at the top of the Tokyo stock market through this whole century. The increase of users of the game Pokemon Go has cause a massive breakthrough in the record of the Tokyo Stock Market. Nintendo is based in Kyoto, has toppled the record of the stock market by increasing its values of shared rapidly. Based on the graph by Bloomberg, an incredible amount of shares worth 476 billion yen has been traded into Nintendo. There was a surge of 71 percent during the week when Pokemon Go was released.

It has seen unprecedented success, but after a while from its release, Nintendo admitted that they are not gaining any direct profit from the reality game. It lead to their loss of around $6.7 billion on the 11th of July, just a week later when Pokemon Go was made public. Ever since then, Pokemon Go has added almost $12 billion to the market value of the company. However with all the bad news in place, it doesn’t really spell doom to the company.

The company then published a letter to its investors on the 22nd of July in which it provided a reality check on the involvement of the company with the game. They clarified that they did not publish or even develop the game. Nintendo has at least 32 percent stake with The Pokemon Company, its licenses  to the Pokemon franchise and markets to outside developers. The company will receive the compensation and licensing fees for colluding with the developer of Pokemon Go, Niantic. Nintendo will only get a sliver of its revenue. Because of this, the income that is reflected on the consolidated results of the business is limited to the company. The company also added that it would not modify the financial forecast they have portrayed.

The reason why Nintendo is associated with Pokemon is because the company has been publishing the games since the inception of the franchise in the 90s, not to mention it owns a third of the shares of The Pokemon Company. But Nintendo has no part in the development or even publishing Pokemon Go, as it has been noted in several reports. Both Google and Nintendo made an investment into the game around $30 million into Niantic.

But many still made it clear that Nintendo deserves credit for the creation of Pokemon Go, or at least it has led to that stage. Although it is clear that the company did not have any hand with the creation of the game, it is because they have made Pokemon the way it is today that paved way to the success of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon started way back in 1996 through the Gameboy console, developed by Game Freak and Nintendo published it. More than twenty years since then, Nintendo has nurtured and published the games in several franchises, thus making it one of the main pillars into the game’s library. In the recent years, the publishing of the latest games has left it to The Pokemon Company, wherein Nintendo is part owner. But the distribution of the games is handled by the latter and the most important aspect of it all, is that the Pokemon games are still released on the hardware of Nintendo almost exclusively.

Does Nintendo have to do something that will topple Pokemon Go from its high seat? It is highly unlikely as of the moment.…

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